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How to Write Good Quality Post for Better SEO and Google Page Ranking SERP

How to Write Good Quality Post for Better SEO and Google Page Ranking SERP. Best Tips to Write Good Post for better Ranking. Things to Remember for Better SEO and Post Ranking in 2016. Tips to Write Good Post or Article in WordPress.

Best #13 Tips To Write Good Post Better SEO and Page Ranking


Cover One Topic in one Post –

Yes, for better SEO, you have to cover one topic in a post. You can use 4 to 5 Subheadings or more, but you should have one main long tail keyword for the post. (Either of 2 to 3 Words).

Use Google Free Tool – Google Keyword Planner

Google is providing the free tool to all the users throughout the world. You can easily Sign up at Google Adwords and use this unique tool for selecting keywords.

Use a Common Meta Tag and Title (Think that you are a user, not an admin)

Believe that you are searching such content on the search engine. Be easy as much as possible. Try to understand the feelings and keywords of the common people.

Keyword Rich First Paragraph and Last Paragraph

Google Crawl from Left to Right, so think about it. Make use of your keywords initially in the article. Yes, this will help your SEO ranking. For good ranking on the Search Engines in 2016, you should have good Keyword Density as well.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin

According to me, this is the best Plugin for WordPress users. Deactivate other SEO plugins or default plugins. Try this; this will enhance your SEO.

1 to 2.5% Keyword Density

More Keyword density will results in penalty by the Google. This is more than enough in 2016. Select a focus Keyword and use it once in the twice in the first Paragraph and once in the last paragraph. And the remains in the H1 and H2.

Interlink  with 2 to 5 Other Posts of your Website/Blog

Yes, this is major mistake everyone does, for better SEO and ranking on the first page you have to interlink own previously written post. (You can also link some high authoritative sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, and more.

Use Long Tail Keyword related to your Main Keyword in the first five words of each paragraph

While searching anything on Google, you often see some suggestions at the end of the page of Google. Try to make use of them in your paragraphs.

Use Google Webmaster Tool Submit URL and its Direct Link Feature

You can submit a maximum of 500 posts to Google Search Console Crawl this URL only feature and maximum 10 Posts per month to Crawl this URL and its Direct Link. Make use of this for particular posts of the month like WWE Event or Festivals or Special Days.

Use Bold, Italicise, Underline

Yes, making use of Bolding the letters or Italicise the letters or Underline them is a useful feature. After all, who have more time? Do you have? So, for excellent user-friendly post highlights the main points of your post by using colors or these.highlights the main points of your post by using colors or these.

Install Reduce Bounce Rate and WP Smush Plugin

These are highly recommended plugin by the experts. Reduce Bounce Rate allows your site to reduce bounce rate for the user. And WP Smush is an image reducer Plugin which reduces the Size of Image and Reduces the load on your website and post.

Unique Content

Don’t Copy Content if you want to rank at the top links to Google. You can read other sites but don’t copy. You can’t bluff from Google. They know everything, if a content comes again they decline your ranking and the DA PA gets down.

New Posts with New Keyword

Try to explore the world and write new posts. So that your keyword will be only yours. If you are the only one, who writes on a particular keyword. Then Google will be forced to put up your link on the top of the Google. Try to write new posts with new Keywords. Stats are just to help you don’t depend on them.

Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned for more details regarding SEO and Websites. Enjoy your day, your benefits our happiness.


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