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Shakti 9th August Written Eipsode Updates Colors TV Serial – Nimmi Is Shocked.

In Shakti 9th August episode Saya tells Nimmi that the family will take Soumya’s life knowing her Kinnar truth and asks her to send her with her. Nimmi is shocked. Surbhi comes and says Soumya will not go anywhere, not today, tomorrow or any day. Shakti is aired on colors at 8:00 p.m from Monday to Friday.

Written Updates Shakti 9th August Colors TV Serial – Saya Is Shocked

In the episode of Shakti on 9th August, Saya tells Nimmi that the family on which she is feeling proud because they are helping her daughter in every situation take Soumya’s life when they all are known with her truth that she is Kinnar. She says to her that she should send her daughter Soumya with her if she really wants to see her alive.

Nimmi is shocked when She says this thing to her as she loves her daughter a lot. She starts thinking all the previous time which she spends with her. Nimmi is tense and she doesn’t have any word to say to her. Surbhi comes there and she says to Saya that her sister is not going anywhere, not today,not even tomorrow or not going on any other day.

Surbhi says to her that she is her strength from today and she is with her in every situation of her life. She says to her that Soumya is not alone she is having her sister with her and she says that she can do anything to save her sister from people like Saya. Saya is shocked as she doesn’t have the idea that she can say all this to her. Soumya says to her mother and sister that why they save her. She asks her mother that why she save her from everyone and says that what she give Harman in returns in his love. Stay tuned with us for more information on TV Serial Shakti  in the upcoming episode on 10th August.

Shakti 9th August Episode

Shakti 9th August Episode

In the previous episode of Shakti, you had seen that  Doctor came out and said that Soumya’s BP and pulse is dropping and he said that they have to get the blood fast. He said that thankfully Maninder Singh blood matched with that of Soumya. Harak Singh said that this is the blood relation. Harman asks Maninder Singh to give blood and save Soumya. Maninder refused to do it.

Shakti Written Episode Updates 8th August – Maninder Refused Give Blood To Soumya

In the previous episode, you have seen that Harak Singh asked from Soumya that not to feel bad for Harman’s words and he said that he will beat him if she wants. He said to her that it was wrong to cut wrist and said to her that get well soon, he said her that she is the loop to connect the family. And asked her to come home soon.

Maninder called Surbhi and he said to her that he know that she was angry with him. Surbhi said that she was not angry, but pain. She said to him that she got only happiness, but Soumya got only pain…She said to him that she is not like us, what is her mistake in this. She said that she is his daughter, but she said that he tried to kill her. Maninder was angry and asked Nimmi if she poisoned her mind.

Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Shakti 10th August Episode written updates.


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