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How to Set Custom Domain with Godaddy & Remove Blogspot from Blog Address (URL) in Blogger

How to Set Custom Domain with Godaddy. Step by Step Guide to Set Custom Domain in Godaddy. How to Remove Blogspot ( for Blog Address (URL).

Blogger is providing free service to start Blogging and writing articles. But those, who wants to remove Blogspot from domain URL or address, here is the step guide to setup a custom domain on Blogger.

Steps to Remove Blogspot from Domain Address or URL in Blogger

First of all, you have to check that is the custom domain of your Address is available or not. You can buy any custom domain and redirect it from your current Blogspot Blog.

Check the Availability of Domain on

Search the required domain. For Example, currently, you have And you required removing Blogspot from the address. Then, first of all, search on Godaddy. See Image now –

Godaddy Searching Domain

See, is already taken. If your searched domain is not taken so far, then you can buy it. Also, I am telling you that, .com is best of all others. So, try to buy .com domains.

If your searched domain is already taken and you doesn’t want to change the name of the Address, then go for .org or .in or .net domains. These are useful for .com domains.

If your searched domain is not available and you still wants a .com domain, then you have to make changes in the domain like go for

You can change your domain completely, for example, you currently using, and from here you can change this to (if available).

How to buy a domain from Godaddy

  1. Search the Domain
  2. Select the domain and Continue to Cart.
  3. Don’t Select any other things. Just Continue to Cart.
  4. Select it for one year. (It is five years by default).
  5. After selecting one year. You will see price around Rs. 611 or $10
  6. Click Proceed To Checkout
  7. Select New Customer and Create Account.
  8. Fill Zip Code as your Postal Code and Chose any Four Digit number for the PIN.
  9. Fill up your payment information. Either you are using Internet Banking or ATM.
  10. Then Click Continue.
  11. Maybe you will get some discount as you are a first customer of Godaddy.
  12. Then after completing the Payment. You are ready with your Domain.

How to Setup a Custom Domain (.com) on Blogger

  1. Login to Blogger
  2. Click Setting -> Basic Setting
  3. Go to Blog Address
  4. Click on Set up a third party URL for your blog
  5. Add your domain name. For example –
  6. Click Save on a top level domain.

Then you to add some files in your Godaddy account from you buy the domain.

  1. Then you will be given with some Host files. See Here how to add them.
  2. Login to your Godaddy account.
  3. Click On Manage Domains.
  4. Select Domain.
  5. Click DNS Zone File.
  6. Add the host names as mentioned in your blogger account.

Then Again you have to add some files in Quick Add Under the Ahost Menu.

Save this four in the Ahost section.

Fill @ in the Host and fill the below numbers in the Points to

Keep all the four in the Ahost section and every section you have to type “@” in the Host box and one by one this upside codes.

Meanwhile, you have some doubt regarding this. Click Here

Blogging is a nice part time earning source just by doing few hours of work on your interest. If you don’t know much about Blogging and you want to start your career or want to add your business to Blogger. Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates.


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