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Mars News : Baboon Like Creature found on Mars – See Picture

Mars Life Evidence News – A Monkey Like Living Thing Found on Mars

Recently NASA released a photo of Mars in which a monkey sits on a stone along a hillside.

According to, Scott C Waring said, “If this isn’t the most unexpected thing to find in a Mars photo, then I just don’t know what is. I found a monkey slumping as it sits on a stone along a hillside.”

Mars Babboon found

NASA is researching for a long on the evindence of life over Mars. Launching its Curiosity rover on a mission to Mars was a step further in their mission to do so.

An image of what looked like a woman, a spoon, water, the spitting image like statue of Buddha, Elvis and an alien type, Curiosity really has piqued everyone’s curiosity as to what else the rover has in store!

Now, we have many evidence but not revealed yet, that there must be life existed on Mars even now. If you remeber then, few months ago, a conclusion was released about the Water on Mars.

Must read – Water on Mars Conclusion

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