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Lal Bahadur Shastri (2nd October 2016) Wiki, Biography, Details

Today on 2nd October 2016, it is not only Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti. Another Legend of India that is Lal Bahadur Shastri was born in 1904 who died in shocking death. Know here more about Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji.
NAME: Lal Bahadur Verma
DOB: 02 October 1904
PLACE OF BIRTH:Mughalsarai in Varanasi in Uttar Pardesh
FATHER NAME: Sharada Prasad
MOTHER NAME: Ram Dulari Devi
SPOUSE:Lalita Devi (marry in 1928)
SISTERS: 2-Elder Sister Kailashi Devi and Younger Sister Sundari Devi
CHILDREN: 6 – Kusum, Hari Krishna, Suman, Anil, Sunil and Ashok
PRIME MINISTER TENURE: 9 Jun 1964 – 11 Jan 1966

EARLY LIFE of Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Shastri was born on 2 October 1904 in a village near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh (At that time United Provinces). His Father Sharada Prasad Verma was a School Teacher and later join as a clerk in Revenue office At Allahabad. His Father Died when Lal Bahadur was only a year old. His Mother Ram Dulari Devi had a child at that time in his womb, his mother with him and his elder sister went her father Hazari Lal  home in 1906. Lal Bahadur’s Grandfather in law Munshi Hazari Lal was the Headmaster at Railway School in Mughalsarai. (Hazari Lal died in 1908 from a stroke).


At that time it was a custom for the children to receive education in the Urdu Language. Lal Bahadur Began his education when he was four year old. In 1917, Lal Bahadur with his mother and sisters went to Varanasi where her Uncle(Ram Dulari’s Brother) transferred. There Shastri join at 7th class in Harish Chandra High School.
Lal Bahadur got a deep interest there in the freedom struggle events or movements because of his teachers specially Nishkameshwar Mishra.
Among the first students of the New Institution Kaashi Vidyapith open by Gandhi (with the of Shiv Prasad Gupta) in Benaras, Lal Bahadur Graduated with a first class degree in philosophy and ethics . That’s how he got the title of Shastri (degree awarded by the Vidyapith).


When Shastri was 12 years old he decide to drop his Sir Name Verma from his name.
In 1915, when he was in 10th he Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi call for the Students to withdraw school and join the non- cooperative movement. Hence, he drop from his school the next day and joined as a volunteer in the Local Branch of the Congress Party.
He also participated in Salt Satyagraha in 1930.


In 1930 he was imprisoned for 2.5 years for unfront participating in Salt Satyagraha.
In 1940, he was again sent to jail for one year for offering individual satyagraha.
A few days later of his aquit he was again imprisoned until 1946 for participating in Quit India Movement (some other issues are also included).


·        Appointed Parliamentary Secratory in UP in 1947.
·         Became the Minister of Police and Transport on 15 August 1947 under Govind Ballabh Pant.
·         In 1951, Appointed as General Secretory of the All India Congress Committee with Nehru as PM.
·         Became The Minister of Railways and Trasnport in the Central Cabinet from 1952 – 1956.
·         In 1961, he became The Home Minister (he created Shastri Formula during this tenure).
·         Elected as Prime Minister of India on 9 June 1964 after Nehru’s Death in office on 27 May 1964.


After playing a great role for his party in the elections of 1952, 1957 and 1962 he became PM of India. Shastri followed the path of Nehru’s Policies. He promoted the White Revolution – a national compaign to increase the Production and Supply of Milk.
He also support Green Revolution for promoting India’s Food Production. The Food  Corporation of India was setup under the Food Corporation Act 1964.
During the 22 day war with Pakistan in 1965, In October  Shastri gave the slogan “JAI JAWAN JAI KISAAN” and it became a national slogan.
During his tenure Shastri visited many countries include Russia, England, Yogoslavia, Canada, Burma, Nepal and Egypt.
Shastri built a closer relation with Soviet Union. In 1964, Shastri signed on a treaty with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike on Tamil Nadu Status (known as Sirima – Shastri Pact).
Lal Bahadur Shastri Died in Tashkent at 2 PM on 11 Jan 1966 after signing the Tashkent Decleration due to Heart Failure.  Shasti’s sudden death after signing the Tashkent Pact (agreement between India and Pakistan) was not digest by the Indians, some people believe that it was a Murder and there was a conspiracy behind the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri, still it is not clear that whether it was murder or a natural death. The thing that make this accident doubtful is that Shastriji was physically fit before death and he doesn’t have any heart disease, and Shastriji’s room in Tashkent doesn’t had any door bell and even he couldn’t got any first aid. In current Anil Shastri, Lal Bahadur Shastri’s son has urged the Modi Government to declassify all the files relating to the former PM.
Lal Bahadur Shastri became the first ever PM of India who died outside the nation (In Russia).


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