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International Anti Corruption Day Slogans, 2016 Theme, Quotes, Banners 9th December

International Anti Corruption Day Slogans, 2016 Theme – International Anti Corruption Day was adopted on December 31, 2003, by the United Nation Convention Against Corruption. And now Anti Corruption Day is observed every year on December 9 since 2004.

Since 2009, UNDP and UNODC have worked together to make the International Anti-Corruption Day as a day of action against corruption through global public campaigns.

International Anti-Corruption Day 2016 Theme – United against corruption for development, peace, and security

International Anti Corruption Day 2016 Theme Image

International Anti Corruption Day 2016 Theme Image

What Can You Do For Anti Corruption?

First of all, don’t think corruption is just a part of life. It can’t be removed. And why should we try? What is it affecting to us? Indeed it is benefiting us. No, you are wrong.

Corruption is ruining our country our nation and this world. Say no to Corruption.

  • Raise awareness with the public, media and government about the costs of corruption for key services such as health and education.
  • Know the government rules and regulations against corruption and its officials.
  • Educate the at least your relatives and public members about the government’s responsibility to be corruption-free.
  • Report for corruption if you see anywhere.
  • Refuse to participate in the not legal things.

International Anti Corruption Day 2016 Slogans in English

I am not Anti Corporation I am Anti Corruption.


Hang Corruption Till Death.


An end to corruption is my plan, if you join me friends, I’m sure we can.

Say No To Corruption

Say No To Corruption


Power Doesn’t Corrupt. Fear Corrupt. Fear Corrupts… Perhaps the fear of a loss of power.


Fight Corruption: Be the one who helps build a better society for all.


“An End To Corruption Is My Plan, If You Join Me Friends, I’M Sure We Can.


“If You Are Not Part Of The Solution; Then You Are The Problem.”


“Power Corrupts But Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates on Special Events.


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