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How to exchange 500, 1000 Rupees Indian Note in the USA, Canada, UK or foreign

If you are living outside India and you want to exchange you Indian Currency of 500, 1000 Rupee Note that you have in the USA, Canada, UK, Malaysia, Singapore or any other foreign country then –

Exchange 500, 1000 Rupees Indian Note in the USA, Canada, UK 

In a press release, the statement says, “For those who are incapable of exchanging their 500 and 1000 Notes or depositing the same in their bank accounts on or before December 30, 2016, an opportunity will be given to them to do so at specified RBI offices on later dates along with required documentation as may be specified by the Reserve Bank of India.”

Not Applicable Everywhere – NRI could deposit Indian currency in local SBI at their country supporting with passport copy (or) these can be changed at RBI with a declaration tourists can change the notes at airports. Time limit up to 31 march 2017.

Best Way to send all the money you have to someone in India (or your own NRE/NRI/NRO account) using a remittance service from your country. You will have to go to their local outlet to convert the money, though.

Airports have foreign money exchange stations (currency exchange), which will accept the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes until December 30th, 2016. So, if you have any Indian money (Rupees) that you carried with you in change lying around, go to the nearest Airport (or any legal money exchange centers) and get them converted to the local currency before it is too late.

Still, you are facing problem then you have to visit India or any of your family member, friends, relatives before 31st March 2016 to exchange your cash from Old Currency to New Currency.

Take a look at the new 500 Rupee Note

Today, Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi announced that the notes of 1000 and 500 are banned in India from 8th November 2016 midnight. The new note of 500 will be available in the market from 10th or 11th of November and the note of 2000 will be available soon in the banks and ATM.

Yes, Indian Prime Minister N. Modi announced today the stopping of 500 and 1000 Rupees note because the cycle of fake notes in India is increasing day by day and this is the strong step towards black money.

Thank you for being with us. Stay tuned with us for more details.

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 — 2:06 pm


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  1. I visited India in Feb & to my dismay there was a huge line up of about 1500 people to exchange money & no one to answer Q at RBI Mumbai. Apparently it is only for those with an Indian passport .. i dont Know what sense it makes so my RS 20,000 is just worthless paper.

    1. Yes, only RBI can exchange. And Yes, those notes are only papers after 31st December 2016.

  2. Did any manage to exchange INR 500 and 1000 notes in Toronto, Canada. Guess the last date is still Dec 31st.

    1. You can exchange even after 31st December.

  3. In Canada all banks here are useless. Canadian banks have no idea about this and are all being told not to accept ANY Indian currency. Indian banks (ICICI SBI RBI) are also of no help.

    To sum it up if you are Canadian then you are simply screwed!

  4. No Indian Bank in UK will take these notes even if you have a Rs account so do not waste your time.

  5. Any updates on this issue

    1. In a press release, the statement says, “For those who are incapable to exchange their 500 and 1000 Notes or deposit the same in their bank accounts on or before December 30, 2016, an opportunity will be given to them to do so at specified RBI offices on later dates along with required documentation as may be specified by the Reserve Bank of India.”

  6. This is not right, I bought Rupee’s at Chase Bank in the United State that I bought for a trip I was going to take to India for a EAT, Pray, Love trip and now the India Government has ruined my trip. I do not want to have to spend all my time trying to exchange the 1000 note Rupee’s on my vacation. And now Chase Bank in Grass Valley Ca where I bought my Rupee will not exchange the very currency they sold me. I AM BEING ROBBED BY MY BANK.

  7. As per my understanding, There is no option to exchange the Rs 500, Rs. 1000 money in USA.
    I spoke to so many people here everyone is having min Rs. 20000… Everyone is having same people.
    All the people lost the hopes.
    I tweeted to all the heads(RBI, PMO, Arun jaitly, Amit shah) but no response. I thnik , they never thought about us.

    In NY (emabassy, SBI bank) employee doesn’t reponse nicely… they are very rude, like we are holding balck money. Even I am having account with SBI. but they are not ready to exchange and deposit in threr bank.

    Hope Modi ji will do something.

    He will know about this issue after election. 🙂

  8. Hi Team,

    We are staying in UK and will be returning to India probably around May 2017. Me and my husband have 8500Rs cash of old notes. Please suggest can we exchange these notes after coming to India in May 2017?? Here in UK no branch is accepting old currency so please suggest.


  9. Ramanjaneya Chittavajhala

    I visited SBI in San Jose california and they too refused to exchange Indian currency.

  10. Me also stuck in USA and no one ready accept India Currency here.. Stuck with 60k amount.. This are earned by my Mom and got it here by mistake since we were traveling many place on my last visit to India in September.. NO plan to visit India before March 2017.. Now hopeless.. Do we know where we can post to bring it to the notice of PMO office.. Kindly help someone.. How much a person can carry INR while going to India ?? Consider my friend traveling..

  11. I have closed to 40K and unable to exchange any where in US. All white money and I do not want it to became waste. No travel plan till 31st March and @PMO or @ narendramodi is responding to tweets. Completely hopeless situation.

  12. Hello Everyone,

    In Canada also no bank is accepting Indian currency. No solution.


  13. I will be going to India in February but I am afraid that they might refuse to accept Indian money . I just visited my local branch in Pittsburgh and they said they stopped accepting Indian currency on November 8th

    1. Hi Shashi,
      Any Banks in India will accept the money till March 31. If you are really going to India in Feb. can you please take money from me too. W
      herever you stay in India, my people in India will go to your place and collect. Please I need your help. Thanks. You can give me reply to my email address so that I can keep in touch. I live in Baltimore,MD

  14. This is what I saw in SBI California website:
    Please be advised that State Bank of India (California) is a subsidiary of the parent bank, State Bank of India, and a California State Chartered bank, and therefore does not provide currency exchange services for Indian Rupees.

  15. State Bank of India can change the Indian currency note in new York 500 1000 we living in new York

    1. SBI NYC branch told me today they can’t exchange Rs500 notes.

    2. Hi Kumar,

      I went to the State Bank of India website New York branch and came to know that they does not deal with INR at any of its US branches. If that is the case please give me reply to my email spallam@hotmail .com to know more details. I live at Baltimore. Please give me reply.

  16. Bharatkumar Patel

    This is rubbish. I rang both SBI & BOB. They said this is fake massage they haven’t received any information to take or change money in uk.

    1. Will you please give the details of the bank?

  17. If somebody can twit to PM Mody about N.R.I problem having Indian currency Rs.500 and Rs.1000 out of India in their country.
    Every NRI Indian have about 10 to 20 thousand rupees with them even if they are out of country, because they need it as and when they travel to India they need it on Airport, for Taxi and at hotel or for coolie. So Indian Government should take reasonable step for this problem.

    1. I already tweeted about this.

    2. When you arrive in India you can exchange money at the airport and can use it for taxi ride or other miscellaneous expenses. Hotels will accept cards anyway.

  18. So much struggles here in Canada we need and answer or a decision soon please

  19. Please advice us how to do know with the money that we have in 500 rupees
    What are the options in Toronto Canada 🇨🇦

    1. Even i am stuck in Toronto,

  20. NRI’s are hosed up ROYALLY! There is no plan by the government absolutely whatsoever. I hope and pray they resolve this issue soon.

    1. Yes, they will definitely.

  21. Though it is a good move, it has put all NRIs in troubles as they don’t even have a way to exchange the notes even though we have NRI and NRO account. Indian banks (located in Foreign countries), travel agencies and airport money exchanges are NOT accepting Indian currency. Government need to provide solution to all NRIs who is not travelling to India before March 2017. No one want to lose their hard earned money. Most of the normal NRIs will be having max of 5 – 10 notes of 500’s or 1000’s. Why should they lose this amount?

  22. Hi,
    I live in DC. The DC branch is not accepting Indian currency.
    What do I do? It is hard earned money. I do not want to let go.
    Please advise

  23. The SBI in Chicago is accepting 500 and 1000 rupee notes either to exchange with change or deposit in your SBI account.

    1. are you sure? send me the name of branch city so i can call them before go there

    2. Did you exchange your money in Chicago branch ?

    3. They are not. I got a message from SBI, Chicago that they are not authorized to take 500 and 1000 rs

    4. No, Chicago SBI is not accepting neither NY.
      not even at Airport money exchange…everything try…Can we FedEx?

  24. Hemant Sharma,
    Thanks for consoling. I do not have trust in India government and officers. What a mess they have created.
    I called lot of currency exchange companies, Indian banks in USA, US Banks but nobody wants Indian currency.
    I am stucked with Rs 50000/- which fully legal and white money.

    This not the way to end corruption and black money.

    1. That is true Abid. I also enquired Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, State Bank of India, ICICI bank and HSBC Bank in New York. No body is accepting Indian currency. I went to Airport too to exchange in Travelex and CXI which are currency exchange companies, in big malls and Airports, but they also refused to accept Indian currency. I live in Baltimore, MD, please let me know anybody going to India, or any other alternatives you know to my email address. Really I need help. I have also more than 50k hard earning money.

  25. Dear sir, at present im working in UAE I have 500 and 1000 Rs Currency and i need to exchange in foreign exchange but no one ready to accepting,i do not have any Chance to go back to India before March 2017.Please give suggession !

    1. How much amount do you have? Is it above 50 thousand INR?

      1. No sir i have only 4500 INR

      2. Hi Hamant,
        Can you help if one has 50 thousand INR. If so help me I have

  26. Sunita Shilewant

    Hi, my sister stays at Thailand and currently they are not accepting indian currency anywhere there, so as someone is be traveling to Thailand and will be back in mid jan, I want to know if she can handsover declaration to him with the money post that is it possible to deposit money in any relative account in India or it has to be her account in India? need confirmation on this?

    1. No, her money will be deposited in her account in India with valid Id Proof. Or you can deposit the money in your account and then you can transfer it to you sisters account. Currently, money transfer in not working but it will come in work after 31st march or 31st December.

      1. Hi Hemant,
        Please don’t blog about things you are not sure. it is a nice attempt to put a nice glorified image of what is happening.
        Now of the way you have mentioned is working. If I find a way i will post it. please don’t give false ideas or hopes to people.


    FYI- I have posted my query in the PMO website
    Hope to get a reply

    1. Ha.. ha.. haa.. You must be very optimistic..

  28. Anil Bokil of Pune-based Arthakranti Sansthan who suggested to our PM to scrap Rs500 and Rs 1000 even Rs 100. Please contact Anil Bokil for exchange or deposit

  29. Hemant – you may be right the Govt will start taking these bills back or exchange.
    Are you working for RBI or the Govt of India?
    Or you just saying all this on your own

    1. If you have any doubt you can visit the official site of RBI for complete updates by the RBI.

  30. For your information: SBI and ICICI bank branches in Canada are not accepting/exchanging the notes. They are saying we are not Indian banks, as we follow Canadian rules we are Canadian banks. Money exchangers are also not accepting the old notes of 500 and 1000. You are claiming that they will start accepting old notes soon, can you please share the source which tells you this? RBI website also does not say so. You can check FAQ question no. 20 on RBI website for this.

  31. Sir..i m living in nobody is exchanging our money…airports do no serve anymore…we donot hav indian banks here…and we r not travelling to india till 31 march…please Sir can u giv us any idea or advise…thanks

    1. You have to contact RBI for this. Do Indian Embassy is also not helping you?

  32. Could you provide the reference of the information that the time limit for tourist is up to 31 March 2017. Today the Indian overseas bank refuses to exchange Indian currency and waiting the Indian government issuing the notification to allow exchange Indian currency at overseas branch.

    1. Don’t worry Phanthipa. You can exchange your Indian currency in India till 31st March. And your country SBI bank and other Indian banks will also receive the Indian Currency from 11th or 12th November. And we will also mail you the latest information regarding this.

      1. Thank you so much

    2. That is currect. Every bank in abroad are all waiting for RBI orders to allow exchange indian currency at overseas.

  33. state bank of India refused to take Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and I don’t have any plans to visit India before 30th march 2017. Please advise where should we go now and what should we do.

    1. Wait my friend. SBI will receive the Indian Currency after one or two days. And Don’t worry there is a lot of time, please wait for 24-48 hours.

  34. Here in canada also none of indian banks like SBI or ICICI are exchanging the notes. And what if student families who have Indian currency are unable to come India by march?

    1. Wait for sometime. You will be helped soon. The necessary action will be done. And don’t worry much about you money.

  35. What to do for people who don’t have any travel plans to India before Mar 2017?
    No banks/Forex/Exchange services are accepting Rs 500 and Rs 1000.
    Usually most people travel during summer, I don’t know anyone traveling before Mar 2017 for me to send my cash thru them.

    1. Okk Manju wait for some days as all the exchange services are on hold for some days and soon I will update it as the new announcement by officials

  36. None of the Indian banks are talking 500 or 1000 rupees as deposit or exchange for dollars.i have called state bank of India and the other Indian banks in California.all the currency exchange places are refusing to exchange Indian currency because they have got email not to accept those whoever had Indian currency in us right now is screwed.indian Embessy won’t answer on this either. So good luck people

    1. State Bank of India will take your money don’t worry. If they are not taking money you can bring it here in India and can deposit till 30th of March 2017.

      1. There are also lots of people who will not travel to India before 30th March 2017 (which is less than 5 months away). If SBI do not accept, are there other options?

        1. There is no chance that SBI will not accept the money, any Indian Bank will receive the money. But they are waiting for the E-mail by Reserve Bank of India. You can deposit your money after some time. And In case, SBI will not accept, then the option must avail by the government.

          1. Hi
            SBI is in nyc and they are supposedly not taking inr 500 or 1000.
            Physically going implies taking a day off and spend money in travel and then facing rejection.
            Can we please request tht hard earned money of nris are not left to be discarded. All govts in the past have ignored nris and this govt also do not look different.

        2. Hi Rama, I visited SBI branch in Toronto yesterday and they refused to exchange Indian currency. Hoping for the better days ahead. Till RBI sends notice .

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