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How a Blog and Website Gives People Money or Income, Who and Why pay them?

How a Blog Gives Money? How Blog and Website Make Money? How People Make money from Blog and Website. Who Pay to Website Owners? Why Website Owners Earn

Have you ever get confused How a Blog and Website Makes Money? And how Bloggers are making money? Who is paying them? Who pays us? In this post, I will tell you. After reading this post, I am sure there will be no doubt left in your mind about these questions.

All of you watch TV, so have you ever thought how TV Channels are earning? The TV Channels make money from the shows that are coming on to them, and those shows are making money from the Advertisement comes in between the serial or show. And the Advertisers are promoting their product in front of the viewers. More will be the TRP of the serial, and more will be the cost of the Advertisement. This is so simple.

How Blog Website Make Money

What is Website and What is Advertisement?

Now, come to a website. The website is like a Channel, but here is no serial. The owner of the site is writing his/her content by himself or by their content writer whom he pays monthly or per article. And the website is earning money from Advertisements. If any site is not having any advertisement on it, then it is not making a single rupee. If you want to see ads on any site then remove ad blocker and then visit any site like

I hope you understood why we are paid. But there are so many questions left raising in your mind like How much we are paid from a website? How site come on Google? Are there any criteria to get Google? First of all, let me tell you –

How to Open a Website?

What are the requirements to open a Website? To owe a website or blog, you need an email address. Yes, only address. You can start a website or Blog for free but to earn some money from here, you need invest few initially, not much just around 2 thousand. In this amount, you can start a good website like this is and then you can write your content. Remember friend, if you copy too much from the other sites, the Google will penalize your site.

So, I think it is clear that what is a website and requirements to start a website, why website owners earn money. Okay, now we I should take the left questions.

How to Earn Money from Website?

How much the owner of Website Earn? So, friends, this depends on the traffic on the website or blog. As there are TRP on Television channels, here is Traffic on the Website. On an around 1000 (one thousand) visitors gives you the US $2 or Rs. 130. It is just an estimate. The actual earning may differ because there are many criteria of the earning from advertisements.

How Site Get Traffic? Okay, so if you think that you have to say your every friend that please open my website, then you are totally wrong. The site rank on Google on Different Keywords. For example – type “Newsinsearch” on Google. The results come on the first page will be different if you will type “News In Search” on Google. This is called ranking. There are many Search engines, but the most famous are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We have to submit our articles to Google. Other than this, websites get traffic from social. Yes, friends, social like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp. There are 6 or 7 good social sites which give instant traffic to our site.

How a Site comes on Google?

Is There are any Criteria to come on Google? Friends, there are many criteria for ranking on Google. When you search for Cricket Score, why only 6 or 7 sites come on the first page of Google. Always the same 6 or 7 locations turns on Google. Are you thinking only those 6 or 7 sites are giving your live score or live commentary? No, thousands of sites provide live commentary, but only ten come on Google. Which 10? Those ten which have more authority. You have to earn trust from Google by writing original and unique content and regular update. Also, you have to do some extra things like Backlink making and social score. After then, you will come on Google.

Okay, I think you understand all of the Websites. Know, I will tell you more about the Advertisements. Who is giving Advertisements? Which site provides an advertisement for our Websites?

How to Get Ads on Websites?

India’s most popular Advertisement Company is Google Adsense. Yes, Google itself is giving Ads for users who use websites or Blogs. Except, Google Yahoo and Bing are also offering their Advertisements. These ads companies are just a bridge for joining the Advertisers to the publishers. For instance, I open a Gym Supplement, and I want to make it famous quickly among the audience. Then I can make its Advertisement and can run ads on the other sites through these Adsense Companies.

I am using Google Advertisement, so Google itself display the ads on my website relating to the content. The Ads are relevant to the substance of the post. For example, this is a health post, and the advertisement is also linked to health. If it is an Entertainment site, the advertisement should be related to Entertainment.

So, I hope friends. You understand Who is giving us an ad and which advertisement displays on our website. Know, I will tell you more about Google Adsense. What is Google Adsense? Why is Google Adsense better? How to get Advertisements from Google Adsense?

Google Adsense – World’s Best Online Advertisement Company

Google Adsense is a Google’s Advertisement company which allows to the advertisers to get their promotion and allow the publishers to earn some money. In the process, Google also makes some money. Google Adsense is better than other Adsense. There are too many Adsense sites like Traffic Junky, Adacts and much more. But, Google Adsense gives the most money and makes your site more user-friendly. At some sites, you have seen that you are clicking something and it opens something. These are other AdSense. On my site, it is Google Adsense.

How to apply for Google Adsense? You can apply for Google Adsense just by having an email address, a website and a Bank Account in which they will transfer money. So, for applying for Google Adsense. Type – “Google Adsense” on Google and then open the first link which is “Make Money Online Through Website Monetization – Google Adsense.” By clicking it, you can sign up for it and fill the required details. They will ask you Name, Address, and simple things. After that, you can place Adsense on your Website through code. And then, Google will approve your site completely. After, reaching $10, they will send you a verification code by post on you gave an address. Which you have to type in Google Adsense. Then, you have to fill up you Bank Account Details in the Payment section. The money will be dispatched into your Bank Account once you reached $100 either in a month or a year. This is my Google Adsense Account. This is how a Google Adsense account looks like.

You can check your daily to regular income here just by a sign in by your email id and Password in Google Adsense. Here you can see my current balance is $0 because my last month income was $120 hence they transfer it into my bank account.

Who is Paying Website Owners and Why?

Who is Paying us? So, friends definitely, Google is paying us. I am receiving my money from Google in Dollars coming directly from The USA. When it comes to my country, the money exchange deducts some amount of money. Not much around 3 dollars or less in $100.

How many Adsense are there on a Website. So, friends according to the Google Adsense Policies you can place only 3 Ads on a page. For example, three ads on a homepage and three ads on a post page.

I can place maximum of 3 ads in a page. There are different sizes and different types of Ads. You will understand when you apply for Adsense.

How Advertisement or Ads on Website Gives us Money? So, friends, the money is given to the owner of Adsense when someone clicks on the Ads, someone makes an impression on it, and someone sees the ads. The most money we get is from the Clicks on Ads, then a small amount from the thumb impression on the ads, and the least few penny when someone sees ads.

I hope friends. You completely understand about the Websites and how they make money. I don’t think so that you have left with any question know. But still, if you have you can ask me and leave your comment down. I will reply to you.


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