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A Guide for You Teacher to Teach Your Students in Writing a Good Essay

In the following article, we give you some recommendations that can be useful to work in your classes. Read them and encourage your students to “rehearse”. As a form of expression, an essay is an “attempt” or, if you will, an “experiment” that is carried out with concepts and reasons to approach a topic from a certain point of view.
The most important thing is to rehearse, try, blot and try again.

In an essay, a personal perspective on a particular problem is often expressed. It is an exercise of thought and argument. As its name implies, an essay is an “attempt”, or maybe an “experiment” that is carried out with concepts and reasons. An essay is written because one wants to address a problem for which there is no immediate solution and which, therefore, provokes or can provoke a controversy.
In this sense, an essay can have several purposes: to solve a problem, to propose alternative solutions (if it supports them) or to show that none of them is conclusive. Likewise, you may want to clarify the formulation of a problem and its treatment, discuss the points of view you have raised about it, or show that it is a false problem (when you suspect that what motivates you is nothing more than a mental confusion or fallacy).
In an essay, a personal perspective or point of view about a problem is usually expressed. Not as a mere private opinion, but with the intention of persuading others. That is why it is important to have good ideas and good reasons and to achieve a good way of exposing them through a text.

In the following points, we offer some suggestions that can help your students in the elaboration of an essay. Let’s do it:

The approach to a problem

To write an essay it is important to have some clear things first. However, it is recommended not to expect everything to be clear to start writing. Reasons?

Usually, the exercise of writing itself is remarkably illuminating and, therefore, it is not necessary to defer it too much. In fact, it is good that these “first steps” of which we are going to speak now materialize through notes, preparatory notes and compilation of material considered to be useful later. Unite all notes while checking any of them is quite difficult, that’s why we’re recommended to get help from a professional writing service, like GpaLabs.

The approach to a problem is always concrete in formulating a question: Identifying the question and determining what type of question is involved is essential to know if the problem is well posed and what kind of response is expected. The first thing is to look at the type of question. Pronouns and interrogative turns help for this. So, when someone asks what is such a thing? It’s asking for a set of identifying signals of that thing that can be incorporated orderly in a definition, a description, an account of the generation of the thing, etc.

Updated: Oct 14, 2017 — 11:07 am

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