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First Day of Winter 2016 | When, What, Wiki Detail Information

In 2016, The First Day of Winter is on 21st December in the early morning. Read here, When, What is First day of winter wiki detail information.

First Day of Winter 2016 or Winter Solistics

It is also called the day of winter or in geographical language it is termed as winter solistics. The day of winter is mostly lie on December 21, and rarely on December 22. It is a geographical thing which occurs for a moment.

First day of winter is nothing it just the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere. Now I write a term “winter solstice” above what it is?

It is that moment when earth is at the farthest distance from the sun. Or we can say the distance between the sun and earth is longest on that time.

Winter Solstice Explained Image

Winter Solstice Explained Image

Now you can see here that on December 21 night the winter solstice happen and the day after this, is the smallest day in northern hemisphere. Or December 22 is called as the beginning of winter.

One more you question may arise in your mind that what makes the day small in the northern hemisphere only ? Why only the northern hemisphere though the planet is same and sun is same. Here is the answer for your question.

The earth is tilted at 22 1/2 Degree angle which makes the whole changes in the climates. See another image here you will understand definitely.

Winter Solstice 2016

Now look at the image and think about your country where it lies on the earth. If it is on Tropic of Cancer or above the equator. The direst vertical ray from the sun will be received by your country for a small amount of time.

And also it is not much sharp. As the earth rotates the sun’s ray intensity will become low as compared to the country on Tropic of Capricorn, The countries of Tropic of Capricorn will receive the maximum amount of heat.

And hence the difference occur. For instance, in January, there will be winter in the countries which lie on Tropic of Cancer and there will be Summer in the countries lie on the Tropic of Capricorn

That’s why the countries lie on the equator not have winter seasons and the skin colors of those become black. Thank You for being with us .Happy Christmas To all of You. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Merry Christmas.


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