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What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website with Examples

Are All Blogs are Websites or All Websites are Blogs? Difference Between Blog and Website. The difference between Website and Blog with Examples.

Here we will talk about Blog vs Website and The Difference between a Blog and a Website with Blog Website Examples. This Article is for the Beginners who are searching these few things. Here you will understand exactly what a blog does mean and what a website does mean.

So, the content you reading is on a Website or Blog? This is a website. So, the website is what and how it differs from a Blog.

Blog vs Website

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a classic look website which has simple features and covering topics related to the author which author is writing on his/her interest. He/She may share their life experiences and give you advice or share their investigations and discoveries to the followers of their blog. Their aim is not to earn money from the blog but to share their knowledge and experience. They don’t provide a better user interface or might be they will not provide categories at the top. The authors only write posts in an order. The themes are different for the Blogs. The Best Platform for the Blog is Blogger (by Google). You can start your blog free of cost on Blogger or WordPress or any other Platform. For Example

What is a Website?

A website is similar to Blog but it allows the audience a better user interface and attractive themes. Majorly, the aim of the website is to earn some money. They generally have Adsense or Affiliate on their websites and provide daily to daily updates on the different topics depending upon the niche. On Website, the author seldom shares his/her own experience he only explores the world news, Entertainment, Sports, Breaking News and other different categories. A Website is generally run on WordPress, Joomla or Tumblr. WordPress is most famous among all. The Websites generally get traffic from SEO or Google Ranking. The example of good websites is,,,

Why is Website Better than a Blog?

The website is a better user interface with attractive theme and some sponsored ads blog. Where a Simple blog is just like an old book which does have content but not with an attractive piece.

If I want to start a career in Blogging, where should I Star on Blog or WordPress?

Start your career from Blogger. If you are thinking that earning money online is very easy, then you are wrong. Let me tell you, friends, no one will give you money for free. Start a free blog on Blogger platform. Then, if you are thinking that you can continue with this field and you are liking somewhere then buy a custom domain and remove Blogspot from your domain or URL and start fetching on Google Webmaster tool so that your posts will appear on Google.

How Google Pay money to Website or Blog?

Google is like a bridge which connects an advertiser to the publisher. Suppose your website is receiving 500 visitors daily. You can Apply for Google Adsense and Google will give you some Ads code.

You have to run them on your website. Different kinds of Ads will run on your blog related to your content. Google take money from the ads publishers and give to the Advertisers like you. Yes, google is too earning from this.

You can make your blog similar to the website by using few easy tips that I will share soon in my next posts. Till then stay tuned for helpful content. Enjoy your day.


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