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You Can’t Make a Good Essay if You Ignore These Steps

Writing is a process that occurs in stages. Each stage is based on the previous ones to create a coherent final product. While there is some disagreement between writers and academics about how many stages are actually needed in the writing process (some include two or three stages as part of the whole paper), most of them agree that the process of writing an essay generally involves many of the same practices for all writers.

Determine your theme

In order to start writing an essay, you need to determine what you are going to write about. This may sound trivial at first glance, but many essays are doomed before the writer writes the first word because the subject has not been chosen correctly. Determining your topic is not simply a choice of a topic, but rather the full development of a topic. This is sometimes known as the prewriting stage. During the pre-writing phase, the writer begins with a broad topic of interest or several possible topics. Brainstorming to determine the topics is a possible activity during this stage. Once the list of possible topics is determined, then it is necessary to narrow down the list and choose a specific topic.

Research and organize

Even if you write an essay about something that you know a lot, or based on your personal experience, you need to do some research on your topic. Finding an authoritative source to shed light on the subject or backing up your personal statements adds credibility to your work. It also helps you to define the topic more clearly. Once you have a solid understanding of the subject, you need to organize your research and your thoughts. A good outline can become a valuable resource throughout the writing process of an essay. It helps you stay on track, by mapping out the direction your job headed in advance.

Write the first draft

After the outline determines your address, you can start writing the first draft of the essay. Writing the first general draft consists of writing a thesis, which is the main point of the essay, writing the body of the essay and providing an adequate conclusion. The first draft does not have to be perfect, but it must be consistent and based on research that has already been completed. The conclusion of the essay should reiterate the statement of the thesis and the body of the work should be an elaboration of it.

Edit the work

All good trials usually undergo some revision. Editing work before it reaches its final form is a normal practice for most good writers. To edit your essay, read it once in its entirety to make sure the thesis, body, and conclusion are connected. Make a spelling correction to eliminate misspellings and words that may be misused. If possible, ask an objective proofreader to read your work to verify consistency and make sure there are no obvious problems that need clarification. Then rewrite the job in those areas that need to be reviewed. A final reading of the work is always a good idea, once the final review is completed. This step is very crucial and sometimes, we need help from a third party. You can get your help by clicking

Updated: Oct 14, 2017 — 10:59 am

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